Saturday, February 20, 2010


Hello blogger people!!!!! I couldn't remember my blog awful is that!!!

I'm really gonna try to update at least once a week... If I don't you can yell at me I promise:)

All is well... most of you are my friends on facebook so you know whats going on with the Fox Family!

Those who aren't:
Well everyone is soooo busy!

Larry just finished his basketball season. His team was 6-8 not too bad. Now he's busy with helping Varsity, they are going to Regionals!! GO HAWKS!!
We're also getting things together for his travel team this summer. Trying to raise lots of money with donations. If you or anyone you know would like to make a donation you can do it through PAYPAL by using :!! Thanks for your help!

Derek is almost finished with one basketball league and has already started the next one!! This kid is getting better everyday!! He's doing GREAT in school. Math and reading are at a 4th/5th grade level... He's in 2nd grade:)

Cerah LOVES preschool. She is getting so smart! She makes friends easy so she has a great time playing with them.

We have a new baby: Gatti!! He's a bull mastiff and is 5 months old!! We've had him since he was 8 weeks. So cute.. getting SOOO big!

Me well.. I'm busy taking everyone where they need to go:) I'm also working part time and still doing a few weddings. Plus doing all the planning for Team EYG.

Can't wait for vacation... trying to find somewhere fun to go.

I'll post some pictures soon!

Hugs and Love

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My blog...

Hello all~

Well the ones who know I'm still around:) I haven't forgotten I promise.

It's been really busy here. I'm still taking care of Larry's mom, not as many days, she's starting to do things on her own. She's come a long way in a year.

I have also started working again! I couldn't believe it ( I'm sure Larry couldn't either) :) I work for a company called Home Instead. Basically I go to seniopr citizens homes and keep them company or do household things for them, run errands. I've been doing it about 2 weeks. I really like the clients I have ( I have 3)

We're also having Cerah's birthday party on Memorial Day. Since her birthday is in January.. there isn't too much to do. So she'll get her "party" now:)

Derek is lucky with a July birthday. Maybe should have planned a little better!! :)

Cerah gets to spend some time with Emma the days I work in the morning. So she's excited too:)

Derek is counting the days until school is over! I can't believe it's almost summer break for him!! I can't believe he's going to be in 2nd grade!!! He's also playing tee ball again ( he'll move to pitching machine in the fall)

Larry is still coaching. He has a group of kids he's keeping in tournaments over the summer. He also plays in a league.

I'm trying to keep caught up, but these days, I spend my morning checking Facebook and email:) What a junkie!!!

I have some pics I'll post tonight or tomorrow.

If you want to chit chat send me an email.. we can stay in touch that way... who knows when I'll get back here after I post pictures :)

I miss my friend... If you still read this..... it's been a year since we've talked.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Old Pictures From Ana's Computer

I found these old pictures on Ana's computer. Oh my how the kiddos have grown!!! Enjoy:)

Dylan and Derek (about 4 maybe)
Me and the kiddos:) How cute are they!!


Derek, me and Dylan

The kids Easter pictures:)
Dylan, Tessa, Chloe, Cerah and Derek

I can't believe I got another post up:)
Hope you all have a great weekend in case I don't get back to ya:)
Hugs and love

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Good news...and Bad news...

OK so for the good news..Larry has gotten over the whole Kentucky thing..sorta. He is very excited to see Calipari "might" be coming to be their coach. ( If he already has agreed sorry, I haven't had my ESPN this morning) :) So he's a little better and not yelling at the TV:)

Now for the bad news:

I had a little accident on Sunday. Don't ask.. it just happened:) I was taking brownies out of a pan and oopppsss there I am off to the ER. 5 stitches later I am on my way home.. 9 days I have to leave them in my hand. AND I had to have a tetanus shot. My day was GREAT on Sunday:)

Who knew this....

Could do this!!

Cooking is dangerous!! You think I can retire from it???

Friday, March 27, 2009

What just happened!!!!

So many of you know we're BIG Kentucky basketball fans. Well...Larry is IRATE at the firing of their coach!!! Why would they fire a coach who has worked his ass off to make the program better? Why would the fire a coach who has some good recruits coming in next year? Why would they fir a coach who hasn't been able to have HIS TIME to get the program the way HE wants it to be. I do believe most of those players played for Tubby. Now what will happen???

Will the recruits back out? Will they find another coach willing to take the job knowing if it doesn't go the way the school wants, he would be fired too??

Sometimes I don't understand why they do these things. How are they suppose to get better if they can't give a coach time to make the program better.

Now what will they do if they're players leave?? Who will be left?? The players... GONE

In quote of Larry
" That is the stupidest thing they could have done" " STUPID" "DUMB"
" They're F*%&#@$ IDIOTS" " I'm going to Lousiville"

I think we may be leaving the UK family if they don't get their act together!

... You know it's serious when Larry is mad. He has been a UK fan since I've known him.

OK..enough of that. We're a little upset in the house now.

Thanks for ruining our weekend people at Kentucky!! Hope you have a great weekend knowing you have SCREWED up your basketball program

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

For Jenny :)

Our super star!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Oh me oh my...

I have been gone for tooo long!! I am sooo addicted to Facebook that's the first place I go in the morning now. But I AM gonna get back to my blog. I'm gonna catch up on everyone while Larry is glued to the TV this weekend watching the 500 basketball games!!

So here is what has been happening with us:

Larry is coaching a team of 7th and 8th graders for tournements startuing now and going into the summer. He's really excited to work with these boys. Their first game is Saturday.

Derek is playing basketball and teeball. He had his first basketball game last weekend. He scored the only 2 points in the first half and 4 of the 8 in the second. You should have seen his face:) PRICELESS!! He also got his report card yesterday. He is reading at a 3rd grade level!! What a smart kid I have:)

Cerah is gonna be the next American Idol. I tell you she sings EVEYTHING!! But there's only so much of ABC's I can take!! Now we have moved to Polly Puts the Kettle on.. and the other 40 songs on her new music:)

Me, well taking care of Larry's mom is still the first thing I do everyday. I'm thinking of taking some nursing classes. Might as well get paid huh:) Still on my quest to lose 35 lbs. Fell off the wagon this week but have gotten back on. Only 27 to go:)

Lebron: HOLY CRAP I do not miss the puppy stage!! The kids freak out when he wants to play and scratches them. But he's getting better. Cerah tells me to " take him back to the cage" ( the spca)

We're trying to plan some vacations this summer. I think we'll be heading to Indiana again. I can't wait to meet a blogger pal!!! Then I think we're coming to Kentucky again!!! Kim Jay and Alex here we come:) I think UK plays EKU again and Larry wants to come watch the kid from our area. He plays now:)

I can't wait to see everyone!!

Hope all is well and I miss my blogger pals. I'm gonnaget reconnected this weekend!!!

Kim P if you read this....send me the link for the quilt again.. I'll check your blog too. Cerah was playing with the keyboard and hit delete...BRAT

Thursday, February 26, 2009

One PROUD " Mom"

Our Hawks played their final game tonight. It was one of the best games I have watched in a long time. I am so proud of those boys. I have watched them play their entire high school careers and they have grow into the finest young men I could know. They make me proud to know them.
Now I know every team always says how they were cheated or they didn't have the right calls. Well this time it was true. When parents and other people watching the game can see the bad calls you know something is wrong.

We played Handley tonight. They're a really good team, don't get me wrong. BUT they had some refs that were on their side. We had fouls called on us when we weren't even doing what they called. There were so many times the whistle blew, but no one seemed to know what the fouls was so a travel was called. You would have thought we were taking a Sunday stroll. They shot 40 free throws, we shot 17?? Anything wrong with this picture?

I am so proud of these boys. They gave it all they had and it showed. They have grown up and acted like the gentlemen they are. I would be proud to have any of them as a son.

Tonight was the last game for our Seniors, Andrew, Terrell, Kieren, Keaton, Devon, Eric, Joe and Tyler. They did a great job and had an awesome season. They should be so proud of themselves. I am and I know Larry is. Derek looks up to those boys and I couldn't ask for better role models for my son.

I love you boys and am so proud of you. Keep your heads up, be proud of what you have done and what what you have become.

Derek got to go in the locker room after the game. He came out and said:
" Mom, was tonight Skyline's last game?"
I told him it was and he was almost in tears.He has "know" these boys his whole life. Most of these boys were playing on Larry's JV team when Derek was 2. He has always looked up to them and he had so much admiration for these boys. They have always been around him and have always played with him when he goes to the gym. They have never turned away from him and have always given him 5 or shook his hand. He always feels like such a big kid when he gets to do that, He is in basketball heaven to have them around.

Thank you to my boys who have been such great influences on my kids. They have great role models in you all. Best of luck in all you do and remember we love you:)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Why are some teams better than others?

So this will be one of those posts where you either agree or not. You can get mad or not..
OK so for as many years as I can remember there have been people who have complained to no end about teams and their players. " This team has better players" " Why does this team seem like they play better together" " Why is this county better than our county"
I am so tired to hear about parents complaining yet don't do anything to help their kids along. No extra practice, no summer leagues, no support to get them that good.
I say all this because I believe that kids will do better if they have support from their families. NOT only when they do great but try hard and get the job done. It may not be a win, but it was FUN!!!
Prime example:
One county complains that their county is not " as good" as the other county. Her is why:
The other county starts playing their kids in instructional leagues at 5!! Not the 2ND/3rd grade. Derek is playing basketball in the "other county" where the kids start at 5/6 years old.
Derek's "league" has 6 teams of 10 players each. That's 60 kids already playing at 5 years old!!!
Get with the program, get your kids out there, help them, show them you're interested in what they do.
Do you think Derek would have been able to dribble a ball at age 2 if we didn't show him how fun it was? Kids learn by example, set a good one for yours.
Oh and the most important thing about being a "Sports Parent"
I have seen so many parents yell, scream and throw fits.
I ask Who is the adult?
I know sometimes things don't' go the way you want them to go, there are always going to be bad calls. Remember:

Friday, February 20, 2009


I know it seems like forever since I've been here. I feel like I"m so far behind in blogging and reading blogs. I try to get on here at night but by the time I get the kids to bed I'm ready too. How bad is it that I go to bed at 9pm??

Our Hawks lost on Wednesday night. 45-44 in OT!! However, we should still make it to Regional. Depending who wins the game tonight will determine who we will play...It may be the team we lost to on Wednesday!

Derek is having too much fun playing basketball. He gets excited when it's Saturday. Cerah wants to play too.

I've started getting some moms in our area together to do some fun stuff over the summer. Most of the girls are girls I went to school with. So that will be too much fun to have our kids play together. We're even gonna take a field trip to the zoo in DC!! How fun!!

Well, I got to go take care of my new addiction..FACEBOOK!!! What am I thinking!! If you're there find me so we can be "friends" well if you want to be my friend.

I miss my friend :(