Monday, July 16, 2007


SOOO much fun at Derek's' party. It was kind of warm... we had some water bottles to squirt on the kids if they got tooo hot. But they decided to have a water fight instead... oh well... at least they had a good time. Thanks to all who came to celebrate this little man's birthday. A HUGE thanks to Kim and Alex for driving up to see us...Our trip to KY will be better and we'll have more time to spend together....

Here are some... I mean a MILLION pictures from the party ..........

Drew(who was born the same day), Kyle (our neighbor) Derek, and Aiden ( a family friend) eating pizza... well most of it anyway
LOOK WHO IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How cute is this kid!!!
Cerah (green) Tessa (pink) and Alex playing with bubbles
YUMMO cake!!!
Time to sing to the birthday boy.... all together now....
Kyle and Derek waiting to blow out the candle
Make a wish........
Adrianne (the wife) Noah (Adrianne's brother) Mattison ( the girlfriend) Derek and Kyle
Tessa and Jordan( her dad coaches with Larry) want to help too
Too much fun

Larry and Tim (Drew's dad) had more fun than the kids with the water bottles... Larry is squirting my legs under the table... BAD DADA
More presents!!!
Me and Alex....
Love this kid...such a sweetie!!
Alex and Cerah having a GOOD time...

Cerah is trying to give Alex another kiss...he wasn't having it...he was trying to play with the toys on the ground...
LOVE IT!!!!!
Kim, Alex, Cerah and me
What are you guys doing???

In other news.. the mommas are planning a get together in October in Atlanta.... I think it's going to be fun. I may go down. I'm not an adopting momma but I have grown to know these wonderful families and friends and would LOVE to meet them in person.... I'll keep you posted on any new info...
Lots of love to Cameo and Melissa who are going to meet their little ones this week. Holly is coming home today from visiting Nino


Lori said...

How fun! Yes I did email Shannon, but haven't heard from her! I need my support cuz I'm slippin'!

The McKenzie Crew said...

cute pics:)


Carrie said...

Looks like so much fun! 5 is a great age. I taught pre-K before adopting Savannah.

I am a blogging buddy of Kim and Holly (I actually met Holly in Guatemala and grew up in NJ).

Cerah and Derek are gorgeous children!

All the best,
Carrie and Savannah